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Engaging toys for older children

What do preschoolers, particularly those who will soon start school, enjoy? Children have their own interests, many shared by and acquired from peers who they listen to and imitate. Fortunately, as parents and guardians, you can still give them ideas for various activities that will stimulate learning and developing new skills in an atmosphere of fun.

What do preschoolers play with?

Follow your children and support their interests and natural development, suggest new topics, experiment, look for the activities that bring them the most joy. The pre-school period is an excellent time for a wide range of games and activities that provide comprehensive stimulation for development.

Interesting toys for older kids that successfully compete with phones and tablets include:

  • all kinds of sports equipment;
  • paints, crayons, clay and other equipment for young artists;
  • educational books that support the development of fine motor skills and nurture interests;
  • original toys, e.g. using cardboard boxes, sticks or other widely available materials. How about a rocket made of boxes or a house built using chairs and bed sheets? A theater with a curtain and puppets made of paper or scraps of fabric?
  • take fun to a whole new level by joining in yourself or inviting siblings and friends to participate!

Learning through play: educational toys for older children

We know the joy that comes from discovery and encourage you to experiment and let yourself get lost in the fun. Our children were the ones who taught us unconventional approaches to playing and using traditional toys in new ways. Use puzzles as decorations or boards for telling your own stories and acting out various scenes, or use puzzle illustrations and coloring pages for inspiration, reach for your crayons and create your own. The possibilities are endless! Children donโ€™t even notice how much they are learning during activities such as these. Solving puzzles and coloring stimulates creativity and leads to BIG questions like: what is it, how does it work, where did it come from and WHY? The most engaging toys for older children are the ones that pique their curiosity and inspire them to look for answers.

Puzzles make great gift ideas for older children

The topics and difficulty level should be adapted to each childโ€™s skills and favorite subjects. For older preschoolers we recommend:

  • The Observation Puzzle series. These large, beautifully illustrated puzzles come in different piece counts and topics so that there is something for everyone: dinosaurs, horses and stable life, space, nature and construction vehicles. Sets for children over 4 years old include large posters full of interesting facts.
  • Creative Mix and Match Trains puzzles can be arranged in any order to support creativity and interest children in technology in an exceptionally pleasant way. Who knows what will inspire future engineers or designers?
  • We grow alongside our children! We have prepared educational puzzles for children in kindergarten and elementary school because thereโ€™s no age limit on having fun. The What in the World Young Explorers puzzle is perfect for travelers eager to dive into geography, history and nature. Assemble it on the floor in your childโ€™s room to foster their own amazing discoveries! The Solar System or the My Body? Assembling these increasingly difficult puzzles provides both challenge and a lot of satisfaction.

These products also guarantee fun for the whole family.

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