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Match puzzles



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Educational games and puzzles for creative fun

Do you agree that every jigsaw puzzle allows for lots of creative fun? You can assemble the pieces and then make up stories. Use the illustration as a background for various plays. Do you think jigsaw puzzles can be put together in one way only? As a creator and manufacturer of educational toys for children, we want to show you that this is not always the case!
We have created interchangeable puzzles that can be assembled in many ways. Instead of only one way there are endless possibilities to play! Such puzzles develop manual skills, perceptiveness and memory. Moreover, they perfectly stimulate imagination and creative thinking. Our creative puzzles are the perfect toy for children and adults! Even younger kids can play with match puzzles while assembling as little as 2 pieces. 

Mix and match the pieces for fun and developing logical thinking. Make associations, use imagination! Match puzzles are great for training the brain on multiple levels and preparing it for future STEM disciplines—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Match puzzles for kids from Banana Panda

See our collection of match puzzles for toddlers and older kids:

For children around 1 year old, check pout Match the Baby and Match the Buddies puzzles. They consist of 12 2-piece puzzles. The idea is to match round elements to the right sturdy board. However, all circles are interchangeable which allows for lots of creative fun. You can match the puzzles based on various traits. This is a great way to learn about animals as well as colors, sounds, spotting similarities or differences.

The concept of mixing and matching elements is taken to another level with our Suuupers Size Puzzles such as Farm Match Fun. Assemble the floor jigsaw puzzles and play with 10 round elements.

Mix and Match Robot Lab is a creative set that has 65 elements perfect for future engineers. You can put together 8 robots and change them with additional parts. All the puzzles are interchangeable so you can build your own robots and other constructions – whatever comes to your mind!

Mix and Match Trains – is another very creative puzzle set. 108 pieces are interchangable. Moreover, 56 are double-sided. You can create your dream trains – there are endless possibilities to play. The big sturdy box also contains a large double-sided poster.

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