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STEM toys for kids to awaken their curiosity

At Banana Panda we know how important play is and how to create learning toys that are loved by children and appreciated by parents and experts. Who knows what future inventors or engineers play with today? STEM toys help kids develop their skills and interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. They do not need to be complicated or expensive. They need to be adjusted to children’s age and inspire them to play with an open mind, to use imagination, be creative and ask questions. Robots are a great theme for children who are curious about how things work. They inspire thinking about invention, mechanics, construction, engineering. They awaken imagination and creativeness. Our other STEM puzzles include topics such as trains, space, medicine. The future starts today!

Banana Panda Robot puzzles for kids

Children are natural-born engineers and scientists. They love to explore, build, make constructions. They are creative. Let’s fuel their passion! See our collection of robot puzzles for toddlers and older kids. They make a great present!

Mix and Match Robot Lab is a very creative puzzle set that has 65 elements. You can build 8 puzzle robots and change their appearance and functions with additional parts. What is more, all the puzzles are interchangeable. Therefore kids can mix and match puzzles to build their own robots and other constructions – whatever they wish!

Mix and Match Trains – is another creative puzzle set for children (and adults!) interested in technology and transport. You get 108 pieces that are interchangable. Moreover, 56 of them are double-sided. You can create your own trains – there are endless possibilities to play. The big sturdy box also contains a large double-sided poster.

What will future engineers make or build? Maybe space rockets, probes, or satellites? Maybe they will become astronauts? One of the robots in the previously mentioned set has the necessary features. However, check out the whole collection of puzzles that are great for space explorers of all ages: from 2 (Figure it Out Puzzle Space is a 20-piece puzzle and 8 large figurines, perfect for first cosmic adventure), 4 (Observation Puzzle Space are a 60-piece puzzles that bring on some serious space knowledge) and up to over 6 years of age (Suuuper Size Puzzle Space is a floor jigsaw puzzle of 300 pieces. It is perfect as a family puzzle).

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