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Space discoveries can start on the floor of your room!

Whenever we hear some great news that a teenage intern at NASA helps discover a new planet or make another astonishing discovery, we can’t help but wonder: if their knowledge in space is so impressive already, what will they accomplish in the future? And what kind of activities awoke such passion when they were younger? If you love space and would love to pass that passion onto your child, what space toys too choose?

Space puzzles for kids form Banana Panda

See our selection of space puzzles for toddlers and older children. They have different forms, illustrations and a number of puzzles adapted to children’s ages.

  • Figure It Out Puzzle Space for ages 2+ is a perfect introduction to cosmic adventure for the youngest explorers. It is an educational set of 20-pieces puzzles and 8 large cardboard figures. It invites toddlers to play and learn about the Solar System. The age-adapted bright and cute illustrations invite young learners to space exploration while stimulating their curiosity and imagination. Be ready for lots of questions about space rockets and rovers, planets and stars, animals and astronauts!
  • Observation Puzzle is our growing collection of puzzles that cover a wide range of themes that are interesting to preschoolers. Space designed for ages 4+ is a detailed and colorful large 60-piece puzzle. Imagine you are on the Moon and look into the depths of the Solar System. Look carefully to find out about the planets and other objects! When you put the large jigsaw puzzle together, you can search for the objects in the picture frame. The large educational poster makes this set a great creative and educational gift.
  • Suuuper Size Puzzle Solar System for ages 7+ is perfect for older kids as well as adults. The stunning jumbo 300-pieces puzzle introduces most important celestial bodies, space explorers and scientists, and man-made objects of the solar system. The set comes with a huge poster full of inspirational facts.
  • Peek-a-Boo Riddles are age appropriate booklets with rhymed riddles and stunning illustrations. Lots of them cover the Space topics, especially the one for ages 4+. This is a great way to check the knowledge, learn something new and inspire to look for further information.

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