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Banana Panda puzzles are always a good idea!

Encourage your child to play with puzzles. It is a great way to spend time and it helps develop many skills and teach new things. Puzzle games improve manual skills, perceptiveness, eye-hand coordination. If the topic is chosen to the child’s liking and the illustration is pretty, children are more likely to get inspired to ask questions and expand their knowledge about the world. Various forms of puzzles allow kids to develop creativity and imagination.

We know what the joy of discovery is! We have created various multi-element educational sets that gradually introduce children to increasingly difficult puzzles that both entertain and teach. All our puzzles are made of certified and safe materials.

20-element puzzles for toddlers – a perfect gift!

Figure It Out Puzzle Space and Figure It Out Puzzle Farm are creative sets that include a 20-element puzzle and large cardboard figures for even more creative fun.

Little Animals or Little Creatures are cute puzzles ideal for beginners. Each box containss 20 elements – you need to extract from them 5 four-element puzzles. They are perfect as the first multi-element puzzles for more advanced arrangers.

Hands at Play Construction Vehicles and Farm Animals contain a total of 22 pieces that make 4 puzzles with gradually increasing numbers of elements. This is an excellent training of assembling puzzles for little toddlers.

Make a Match Puzzles Fire Truck and Food Truck are large panoramic puzzles. The task is to assemble a truck built up from 12 elements, and then fitting in additional 11 puzzles of different shapes and colors.

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