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The right sort of shape

Our unique educational Banana Panda puzzles provide both top-notch sorting and comprehensive development activities, allowing your toddler, with your help, to discover the world in a fascinating way. Playing with puzzles is about more than just putting the pieces together. The right topics expand on children’s interests and teach them new things about the world, providing endless opportunities for conversation about the illustrations. See how much fun learning colors and shapes for toddlers can be!

Puzzling out logic

Puzzles improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, they support cognitive development by furnishing new knowledge and words, and stimulating thinking and imagination. Playing with puzzles is a fantastic way to develop perceptiveness, logical thinking and spatial imagination – after all, it involves finding the right piece for the right space with respect to shape and context. Although it may seem far off, these skills will come in handy, for example, when learning math! It is also fantastic training in better focus and concentration on tasks.

Toys in all shapes and colors

Choosing the right puzzles for your child’s age and skills is essential: they should not be too difficult, so your child does not get discouraged, or too simple, which makes them boring. For children over one and two, make-a-match and sorter puzzles are the perfect choice. Colors and shapes are great themes! Pointing and naming them is fun for a toddler and delivers a healthy dose of concrete knowledge. Matching the pieces to the right holes is a challenge for a child, and inserting them correctly brings a lot of satisfaction. It is no coincidence that shape sorters are among the most popular first toys for very young children. The puzzle sorter is a fantastic ecological alternative to plastic equivalents.

Fun all around

Match the Baby and Match the Buddies Puzzles, along with On-the-Go Puzzles Discovering Circles are probably our most popular first puzzles. Puzzles with two pieces involve matching the circles to the puzzle boards. And they are all interchangeable! The circle is a figure that even inexperienced hands can insert successfully because it can be accomplished irrespective of large and fine movements; the piece can even be inserted upside down. That makes these sets perfect first puzzles for toddlers. Over time, children learn how to insert circles precisely and logically. This idea and all of its unlimited possibilities are incorporated in subsequent titles from the Make-a-Match educational collection.

Get in shape with puzzles

The circle is just the tip of the iceberg! The following puzzles foster an engaging atmosphere of creativity and fun that allows children to discover squares, triangles, rectangles and other important shapes. What a fantastic introduction to your first geometry lesson! On-the-Go Puzzles Discovering Shapes is a little puzzle with big possibilities. The convenient size means you can take them wherever you go. But the greatness of this puzzle lies in its power to combine play and learning. Matching various pieces is a fantastic way to learn shapes and colors and can inspire many other creative games.

Make-a-Match Puzzle Fire Truck and Make-a-Match Puzzle Food Truck are huge panoramic puzzles. The first part of the game involves arranging 12 large, classic puzzles to create the vehicles. The second step is matching the equipment or treats to each truck. Every item is presented on a separate piece. This is a fantastic way to learn shapes, colors and many new words! Moreover, the three round pieces are fully interchangeable, as is usually the case with Make-a-Match Puzzles. This means that you might see … a cat behind the wheel of the fire truck or a cute penguin driving the ice cream truck.

There is no more effective or enjoyable way to learn than through play, and at Banana Panda, we know all about the joy of discovery!

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