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Gift ideas for a three-year-old

Are you looking for a perfect gift idea for a three-year-old? We have tons of them! Our recipe for having fun with a 3-year-old is simple: do what you enjoy most, leave the screens off, and whatever you do – do it together. At the same time, you can improve your child’s existing skills and expand their knowledge while having fantastic fun.

What are preschoolers interested in?

3-year-olds can already do a lot! They know a lot of words and communicate better every day. They ask lots of questions. The incessant “why” and “how” questions children are so prone to ask allow them to expand their knowledge about the world. Their curiosity is expanding to include a growing list of topics, including counting, reading and writing. They have more fun playing with a group of friends and are ready for new challenges! Support your child’s natural development by playing together in a variety of ways.

Educational and creative gifts for 3-year-olds

  • Crayons, paints, coloring books, collages, playdoh, chestnuts, acorns – 3-year-olds are very creative, and every artistic game provides an opportunity to hone fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and … patience and goal achievement.
  • The preschool period is a great time for your child’s first lessons in counting and learning letters, as well as first attempts at writing.
  • Read together… and when your child is ready, they will have the right foundation to start learning. That’s where the real adventure begins!
  • Playing simple board games, dominoes or memory games together are great creative and developmental pursuits, which also perfectly support social and emotional development.
  • Expand your child’s interests by choosing educational toys with favorite themes. How about a party with … dinosaurs? Or animals from all over the world. Or vehicles … children know what they like!
  • Assemble puzzles! Choose puzzles with your child’s favorite characters or ones that will help you introduce new messages in a fun way. Let the fun begin!

The best third birthday gift for boys and girls

Need a Christmas gift for a 3-year-old? Need ideas for educational games for a 3-year-old? A creative gift for a third birthday? See Banana Panda’s guide to smart toys for the youngest preschoolers:

Gifts for a 3-year-old under $10

Are you shopping for a nourishing gift for a child that’s sugar free? Or a small gift for Christmas, a preschool graduation or another special occasion – or for no reason at all? We have a variety of puzzles, games and riddles for you to choose from:

Have fun together while discovering the world!

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