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Unique backyard and outdoor toys

Who else loves to play outside like we do? Now is definitely the time to do it, when the days are long, the sun is shining and, above all, we have more free time. Every family has their favorite repertoire of backyard games and best outdoor toys. What do you like to play? Let’s inspire each other!

Outdoor toys for children

Our ideas can easily be adapted to every age. Some of them are obvious, inspired by toys we saw at a friend’s house, remembered from childhood or suggested by our own children!

  • We’ll start with the obvious ones: toys for playing sports in the backyard, park or field. Physical activity is good for your health and guarantees countless hours of carefree laughter with siblings, parents and friends. Balls, badminton sets, frisbees, bicycles, scooters, hula hoops, roller skates, roller blades and jump ropes – choose your favorite equipment and get moving. Summer is the perfect time for any activity!
  • Apart from a ball, what kind of outdoor toys should every child have? Sand toys: a shovel, a bucket, a rake, a few molds and a chalk set are enough to ensure long hours of creative fun in the fresh air. Best of all, they are universal backyard toys, because they are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and even children in elementary school. Don’t be fooled when your child says they are “too big for little kid games”. Instead, join in the fun yourself and demonstrate that building sand castles and cooking “food” made of sand, leaves and pebbles isn’t something you grow out of.
  • Thinking back to the past, do you remember what you loved to play with as a child? We do, and that’s why we still enjoy drawing with chalk, playing hopscotch, and showing our children how much fun it can be to jump rope. Hide-and-seek and tag are timeless games that everyone can enjoy.
  • Creative backyard games can be played by the established rules or you can invent your own. The only obligation is to have fun! It is a child’s imagination that turns an ordinary stick into a sword, wand or a magic staff. Interesting garden toys are the ones without an obvious purpose. As you probably already know, we’re in favor of taking puzzles and games outside! What’s more, we’re always willing to use them in different ways. With a passion for creative and crazy ideas, we assemble puzzles on the beach, use them for throwing games and incorporate memory boards into sports!

Creative outdoor toys for 2 and 3 year olds

Sitting comfortably on a blanket or on the grass, you can assemble first puzzles, play games and read books with very young children. The backyard is a great place to have fun and get dirty. It’s the perfect place to paint Looong Coloring Books, play with the circular pieces from our On-the-go or other puzzle collections in the sandbox and safely use the boards and Memory puzzles for movement games. Here are some other ideas:

  • throw the circles at a target,
  • hide them outside,
  • imitate the animals featured on the memory or puzzle pieces,
  • arrange the looong puzzle boards and use them as a stage for various games.

Original outdoor toys for preschoolers

What do older preschoolers like to play with? What outdoor toys do we recommend for the 4-, 5- and 6-year-old crowd? This is an age when children enjoy playing together more and collaborate more effectively. That is why they like to play tag, hide-and-seek, and make sand pies together. Everything you like to play at home can be moved outdoors in the summer. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Organize a treasure hunt for kids. Use a hand-drawn map or scattered puzzle pieces as clues to find the treasure (assembling the puzzle can also be part of the game) and adjust the difficulty level of the activity to the age of the participants.
  • Observe animals and plants (or even organize a snail race) and then look for information about them.
  • Lie in the grass and watch the sky.
  • Have a picnic – eating outside in the summer makes every meal taste better.

Original outdoor toys for older children

Outdoor toys for age 7 and above: in addition to your favorite sports equipment, a fabric swing or a hammock is also useful. Older children should be encouraged to spend time away from their computer and tablet screens. Urge them to read their favorite books or give them quizzes and creative puzzle books. If you participate, it will make every activity even more fun. With older children, you can:

  • play sports together,
  • climb trees (when was the last time you did that?),
  • read, play and relax together on a blanket,
  • play in the forest or fields, build a hut and shoot a bow.

There are endless ways to play outdoors – share your own ideas!

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