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Toys for fun under the sun

Summer is here! What do you associate with summer vacation? Sun, sea, mountains, forests and lakes? An idyllic village or visiting other cities? Sleeping in until noon or active rest? Our common denominator for activities in July and August is carefree fun and spending time with loved ones. We know how to make summer a blast no matter where you are. Check out our ideas for group games and summer activities.

What toys should you take along on a family vacation?

Summer is a season of heightened travel. A time when every car, train and plane rings with the famous questions: “Mom, are we there yet? Dad, how long until we get there?” For this first leg of your vacation, we recommend classic activities to pass the time while creating a great atmosphere. Try them out and complete your travel adventure together. Of course, our travel toys are universal – games, books with riddles, coloring books and puzzles will make your stay even more enjoyable once you reach your destination.
We have tested Banana Panda on many trips and in many locations: in the forest, at the park, in a tent and while waiting for a meal at a restaurant. Every time you leave the house with your child – we’ll be right there with you! So, in addition to compact puzzles or memory games for the car, you can also take larger puzzles or games on trips if your child wishes. This is a great way to guarantee fun – and not only on rainy days. You can assemble your favorite puzzles anywhere. What lends them special charm is the fact that not only parents and siblings, but also new friends can join the game or help assemble a puzzle.
So, what toys should you take along on a family vacation? WHATEVER YOU WANT! We prepare a travel pack for larger and smaller trips: choosing something practical that is convenient to keep on hand. In addition, we typically surprise the kids with something new for extra fun. And we always have a favorite item in our luggage. Actually, we even used to transport large-format puzzles from the Suuuper Size puzzles collection on camping trips, and guess what? It was always an incredible success! There are so many reasons to smile in the summer!

Unique beach toys for children

As you probably already know, we like original ideas and creative solutions. So, when we go to the beach, in addition to sunscreen, delicious healthy snacks and an umbrella, we always pack a floaty, a bucket and spade, and … a few time-tested and original puzzles and games. We have already assembled puzzles on the beach and in a tent. Did you know that your child’s environment influences their memory? We guarantee that reading about animals from the sea on the beach will be easier to remember. It also allows you to test your child’s new knowledge on-site.

The perfect toys for baby on the beach are, of course, books: contrast books for younger children, or more colorful books from the Sounds All Around or Little Explorers Library collections for children closer to one year old. These books provide the perfect way to relax with your toddler while listening to the soothing sounds of waves after hours of wild water fun. Older children can solve puzzles and color in the shade of a beach umbrella, not to mention share a memory game with a parent. Here’s an idea our kids had: a tic-tac-toe beach game. The inverted game chips were used as pawns for the opponents.

Favorite toys for a vacation at home

What are our ideas for summer in the city or a vacation at home? This is even simpler – since you don’t need to carry anything, you don’t have to make those tough decisions about what to pack! That puts the entire Banana Panda collection at your fingertips. Again, we think puzzles or games are best for play at home, inside and outside. Large-format games and puzzles work especially well in these situations. Playing Suuuper Size memory games on the grass with friends and neighbors takes fun to the next level! In addition, the large dimensions encourage physical activity.

Each Banana Panda box is chock full of fun ideas, not to mention a great way to develop manual skills, perceptiveness, memory and concentration. What’s more, you can play with each set in many original ways, for example by developing… physical fitness! That is why virtually all Banana Panda products make perfect toys for children on the go.

Put a Suuuper Size memory game on the grass in the park so the players can walk and bend to find the pieces. Use the big boards for a variety of games such as pretending to be animals. Race each other from one picture to another. You can assemble large puzzles outside and use them as puzzle boards for a variety of games. Let your imagination and carefree spirit run wild!

What toys does the Banana Panda team pack for vacation?

A quick poll of the Banana Panda team reveals that in 2021 we will be taking puzzles, coloring books and handy puzzles. Our less obvious suggestions for vacation toys are:

  • Suuuper Size memory games – perfect for outdoor games with siblings and friends;
  • Puzzle maps – to provide inspiration for your next vacation adventures. Exploring a map with your finger is a great way to learn your first, exceptionally fun geography lesson, which, when combined with real trips, will make for unforgettable memories;
  • Space-themed puzzles – summer is the best time for star gazing!
  • Puzzles with a typical vacation theme, depending on the age of our children and where we are going, for example, the countryside.

And you? What fun will you pack into summer?

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