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STEM toys for little scientists

At Banana Panda we understand the role of play in children’s development. We know how to create learning toys that are loved by kids and appreciated by caregivers. We are guessing the future inventors or scientists play with them today! STEM toys let children develop their skills and interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. They need to be adjusted to children’s age and inspire them to play with an open mind, be creative and ask questions. Our STEM puzzles include topics such as robots, space, dinosaurs, vehicles, environment, trains, space, or medicine. These are some of the themes that curious children like and want to know better. The best way to deepen their knowledge is through play. The future starts today!

Banana Panda science puzzles for kids

Children are natural-born scientists. They love to explore, build, dig, check, make constructions. They watch the world around them and are creative. Let’s fuel their passion! See our collection of age adjusted and stunningly illustrated science puzzles for toddlers and older kids. They all make a great educational present.

  • for young animals lovers: this is the topic children love and therefore we have animal puzzles for all ages. While playing they start to ask questions that can eventually lead to deepening their knowledge in zoology, biology and earth sciences.
  • for future doctors or biologists – see our collection of human body puzzles that explain the anatomy in a friendly and age-adjusted way through fantastic play.
  • for little engineers – Mix and Match Robot Lab is a must! This creative puzzle set that has 65 elements. You can build 8 puzzle robots or mix and match puzzles to build their own robots and other constructions. All the pieces are interchangeable. The same idea applies in Mix and Match Trains. 108 pieces that are interchangeable and 56 of them are double-sided. You can create your own trains – there are endless possibilities to play.
  • for young space explorers – see the Space puzzles for children as young as 2 and up to 6 and more!
  • for future paleontologists – who likes dinosaurs? Check out our amazing, beautifully illustrated Observation Puzzles Dinosaurs. The set includes 60-piec puzzles and large poster full of interesting facts about these prehistoric animals.

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