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We make discovery fun for everyone!

Does your child dream of becoming a naturalist or an explorer? Whatever your child wants to be, it’s always fun to learn about all the creatures that crawl through the grass, flit through the trees, live in the mountains and swim through the seas! Thankfully, discovering the world can begin on the floor of your child’s room and educational fun can be an incredible adventure that it is never too early to embark on!

Regardless of age, we are all explorers and scientists at heart. The right books, games and toys can develop your child’s passion and satisfy their curiosity about the world in an enjoyable and fascinating way. As you might know, our priority is ensuring that every product offers the best content, format and illustrations for the changing needs and interests of children. We want to help you show them the beauty of the world, inspire them to make their own discoveries and make learning great fun, because the best learning happens naturally.
Come with us on an amazing adventure!

Through the eyes of children

See how beautiful our planet is, explore its fascinating inhabitants and discover how to care for it.
Our educational journey begins with simple games and puzzles. Beyond their obvious educational value in developing manual skills and perception, puzzles are a great way to learn about nature, and an opportunity to talk and read with your child.
We know that children of all ages love animals. With age, the number of pieces, level of illustration detail and puzzle and game themes grows as your child does.

  • Suuuper Size Puzzle Animal Match or Looong Puzzle Ocean for toddlers with multiple pieces, or the more complicated Looong Puzzle Safari or Observation Puzzle Forest sets were designed for older children and show animals in their natural environments. They are a gold mine of ideas and opportunities to discuss the environment and search for more information about unfamiliar species.

The world at your fingertips

Explore the whole world without leaving your child’s room! Discover the beauty of our planet and plan your own adventures thanks to our puzzle maps. These large puzzles are excellent gift ideas for older children. The maps can also provide fun for the whole family or a group of friends.

  • What in the World Animals Around the Globe is a 60-piece puzzle accompanied by a poster featuring facinating information about animals and 21 figurines. This set allows children to learn about the oceans and continents as well as the most well-known animals that live in or on them.
  • What in the World Young Explorers is an enormous 168-piece puzzle that helps children to acquire a deeper understanding of our continents and oceans, the most interesting animals, manmade structures and discoveries. Once assembled, the puzzle provides a great backdrop for many games that siblings and friends will also enjoy.

Places to go, puzzles to solve

The handy educational books in the Peek-a-boo Riddles series contain a wealth of interesting facts adapted to each age. Funny rhymes with riddles and appealing illustrations engage children and expand their knowledge. Themes are also selected to suit each age. A 3-year-old can learn about both common and less well-known animals, seasons and other objects they’ve encountered in their environment or books. For 4-year-olds, we propose more complicated topics such as less familiar animal and plant species, as well as paleontology and astronomy. 5-year-olds, in turn, can embark upon an intriguing 80-page trip around the world presenting new places, animals and people.

The planet and its inhabitants – together, we are the world. Our games, puzzles and books are a starting point for other fascinating discoveries and activities – draw, create your own stories, ask questions and look for the answers. See how much there is to discover!

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