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Banana Panda’s recipe for good fun

Do what you enjoy most!

That’s our number one rule. You’ll see what is most fun for your child, so just … do more of it. Read, play games or assemble the puzzles together and let the colorful illustrations inspire you to draw or find out more about each animal. For extra fun, get siblings or friends involved and try new game ideas.

Follow your child’s lead

It is never too early to begin exploring the world! Remember to adjust the level of difficulty to your child’s age, skills and interest so that they are never bored or intimidated. The natural stages of development and your personal preferences will determine which toys and books are worth choosing and what skills you can best develop while having fun. Use the tips we have provided on the boxes. We indicate the suggested age of the child on each product. Be nearby, watch your child and support them to ensure that playtime becomes a fascinating educational adventure.

Get inspired by our game ideas…

Our educational puzzles, books, games and toys are based on simple solutions that give you room to come up with your own ways to play. Did you know that puzzle fun doesn’t have to end with assembly, but that the pieces can also be used for a memory game? If your child doesn’t want to play with the set “as intended,” that’s OK! It might be too early for certain activities or your child might be interested in something else – try another approach. Puzzle or game pieces can also be used to learn new words or as props for another game, for example, pretending to cook or play store. Many of our sets also include game ideas for hours of creative activities.

…and forget about the instructions

Banana Panda can be used in endless ways and our ideas and suggestions only scratch the surface so…experiment! Give your child (and yourself!) the freedom to be creative. Let them try even the most unusual or seemingly unrelated ideas – these experiences also allow a child to explore the world. The imagination and creativity of a child has no limits! We also invite you to share your ideas with us.

Prioritize safety and quality

By choosing Banana Panda, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality products. We use exclusively certified and safe materials – the safety and health of children is our priority. We always make sure that the form and content of our products are adapted to the age of small users. We are responsible for shaping the sense of aesthetics in the young, so we pay special attention to the quality of our illustrations.

Discover the world together

Many parents tell us that when their children play with Banana Panda products, they have a few moments to enjoy a cup of coffee. That’s great. But when you join in, it means double the fun. Banana Panda means hours of enjoyment and lots of conversation, not to mention the joy of sharing your child’s first successes. The time you spend together nurtures your relationship, which is so fundamental to your child’s development. This is what discovery and the true art of play is all about.

Let’s play!

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