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What makes the perfect gift for 1-year-olds? There are endless occasions for gift-giving: Christmas, a first birthday, visiting friends. Joy is meant to be shared! Whatever the gift, it should please the child, meet with the approval of the parents (who always have a list of welcome and less attractive gifts), and … the gift-giver themselves. We invite you to explore the world of educational and creative Banana Panda games for 1-year-olds!

Developmental and educational toys in one

At Banana Panda, we know about the joy of exploration and the power of shared fun. Based on our experience, conversations with parents and specialists, and watching kids play, we have developed a recipe for the perfect toy. The best gifts for a one-year-old should:

  • be of the highest quality, safe and made of certified, ecological materials,
  • offer a subject, format and illustrations adapted to a toddler’s still developing senses and skills,
  • inspire you to spend time together: the best interactive toy for a toddler is … another person – that’s why our books and toys create ways for you to have fun together,
  • entertain and teach. Children engrossed in play may not even realize how much they are learning about the world. As adults, we know that what is fun for them can also provide an opportunity to acquire new information and comprehensively develop and improve various skills.

First books, puzzles and games for age 1+

It’s never too early to discover the world together! At Banana Panda, we have designed an entire collection of appealing and smart products that delight young learners and inspire educational games. We are proud to offer:

  • first books that develop your child’s vocabulary, perceptiveness and imagination. The Little Explorers Library is an educational set of 4 accordion books with adorable illustrations,
  • first puzzles that foster perceptiveness, logical thinking and fine motor skills. Match the Baby and Match the Buddies puzzles are large two-piece puzzles with interchangeable circles. These are probably favorite first puzzles among toddlers!
  • the first simple games for kids should be a lot of fun, easy to adapt as your child’s skills develop, and capable of becoming fantastic games for the whole family over time. The Suuuper Size Memory Game, Let’s Play Animal Bingo and Farm Dominoes are educational sets that combine favorite games and puzzles all in one.

Fun for one for $10 or less

Each Banana Panda box is full of fun ideas. If you need a small gift for a 1-year-old for $10 or less, check out the On-the-Go series!

Let the fun begin! Have fun and discover the world together!

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