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Suuuuper size jigsaw puzzles for suuuper fun!

What does your child like and what would you like to learn today? We have animal puzzles, colorful and shaped elements to teach you new skills, and number and alphabet puzzles. At Banana Panda we know how to teach various things in the best way and bring a lot of fun! Our expanding selection of large floor puzzles offer something for kids of different ages. All puzzles have beautiful illustrations and large and sturdy pieces. Play and train perception and fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills such as running or jumping. So… are you ready for lots of fun?

Large puzzles for kids from Banana Panda

Check our collection of large jigsaw puzzles for toddlers and older children. They all have beautiful illustrations and great educational value. See our expanding series: Suuuper Size, Make-a-Match and Loong Puzzles, for instance:

  • Floor puzzles for ages 2+

Suuuper Size Puzzle Farm Match Fun is a 34-piece large puzzle perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The farm and animal theme is loved by little ones. Large puzzle pieces are sturdy and perfect for little hands. 10 interchangeable circles are great for mixing and matching. Suuuper Size Puzzle Animal Match also allows kids to have lots of creative fun while learning about animals, colors, sounds and habitats.

Make-a-Match Puzzles Fire Truck, Food Truck and Number train are large 23- or 30-piece panoramic puzzles that also come with interchangeable elements. They teach about colors, shapes, numbers and also train perception and manual dexterity.

  • Floor puzzles for ages 3+

Suuuuper Size Puzzle Alphabet Train is a fun lesson of alphabet and letters. It is impressive – when assembled it is 3.5 metres long!

Suuupers Size Puzzles My body is an educational set that contains 6 large puzzles and a large educational poster. Each puzzle has 14 large and colorful pieces. They let little kids learn about the human body in a fun and friendly way. Pieces can be mixed and matched for better understanding on how the body is built and how it functions.

  • Floor puzzles for preschoolers and first graders 

Mix and Match Trains contains the longest puzzle train and an educational poster. The 108 interchangeable pieces create a 9.5 metres long train! You can mix and match the double sided puzzles to create your ideal trains.
Suuuper Size Puzzle Solar System is a jumbo 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. The set is perfect for family puzzles. The illustration shows the most important planets and objects of the Solar System and the most famous space explorers and scientists.

What In The World Young Explorers is a 168-pieces floor puzzle with the beautifully illustrated map of the oceans, continents and world famous buildings and animals.


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